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Selected portfolio companies

JPEG compression with up to 80% file size reduction, Israel

Leading pure-play car classifieds market place, Turkey

Pioneering a new way to trade outstanding Ethiopian coffees, Germany

The first safe online market place for luxury watches, Germany


At Uplift Ventures we are passionate about sustainable, long term projects with real value for the user.



Investment philosophy

In an uncertain economy, long-term growth and competitiveness require a constant strive for innovation and rethinking. At Uplift we look forward with confidence and we look at what the world needs. We are driving invention and design of services that matter. We want to create products that customers love.
Hence we are seeking the opportunity to invest at early and growth capital stages of an enterprise's development.


How we add value

We believe that we are able to add substantial value to any company we invest in. We act as a deeply committed investor with the objective to contribute with our network of industry contacts and the purpose to protect the value of the new venture by simultaneously limiting downside risks. This proposition is long term and ensures a prospering business for many years.